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To mark the arrival of Ink Cypher: Round Two in May 2022 we're opening up the submission window again until 18th November 2022, but this is your last chance to pitch.

A cypher is a space of dialogue and a place to build energy; we want people to read the 26 essays from round one and 15 essays from round two that have been published and then pitch an idea that answers, responds to or challenges what has been written.

Through our online and print publications we will platform primary testimoniesoriginal writing, creative and editorial responses and experimental word formats.

In 2016 City University London conducted a survey which found that the UK journalistic landscape is 94% white and 55% male; the HHDA seeks to redress this imbalance in what stories are told and who gets to tell them.

What We're Looking For:

We're interested in longform written content (1500-3500 words) that answers, is in dialogue with, builds on or challenges one (or more) of the Ink Cypher essays.

The tone of voice should be accessible and informed.

It might be an essay, historical portrait, institutional critique, commentary or lifestyle response, it might sit across all those fields or it might ignore all of them and be something different. 

We welcome the personal, political and social. We will publish in English but English does not have to be your first language.

You do not have to be a "writer" or a "dancer" or a "Hip Hop OG" to submit a pitch; if your idea is strong and you can explain who you are and how you'll go about it, it will be considered.

The submission window for Ink Cypher is open for the last time until 21:00 (GMT) on 18th November 2022

  • Payment £150 - £350 per article (dependent on length)

  • We only accept pitch submissions via this Google Form

  • We pay promptly upon invoicing. 100% of agreed fee on final article submission and sign off

  • If you're commissioned, the first full draft should be submitted by 25th January 2023

As we operate internationally please do not expect to hear back on your pitch unless we decide to commission you; we are rarely able to offer individual feedback on unsuccessful submissions. 

At this time we're not interested in receiving photo essays and pitches which primarily feature video and audio content.


  • Please do not start writing your piece before it has been commissioned.

  • Here are some examples of what to include in a pitch: example one, example two and example three

  • Which title would you be more tempted by: “A Response To This Lotus is a Rabbit” or “Weave Clippings & Spirit Gum - How I Became LL Cool J”?

If you have any further questions or would like to request this information in alternative formats do not hesitate to email the editor (Ian Abbott) itabbott (@)

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