The Hip Hop Dance Almanac presents primary accounts of people who are active and an integral part of the broad diaspora of the Hip Hop dance community; volumes 1 & 2 focuses on contributions made from people living in the UK. 

Interviews have been transcribed and presented to ensure original Hip Hop voices are documented and archived for current and future generations. Each interview is available to download as a PDF; volumes 1-5 will be released until 2023.

"The site is a wonderful model for preserving oral histories...these kinds of resources are incredibly important and necessary to the development of studies of Hip Hop dance."

Dr Imani Kai Johnson, University of California

As someone who writes about dance and works with artists as both programmer and producer it is a privilege seeing over 1000 performances, battles, competitions and jams across the world in the past 15 years; I've been commissioner, supporter, audience member and participant in those spaces and in receipt of a wealth of generosity via the output of 100s of artists.


In the past decade the UK has seen an emergence of a third wave (people in their 20s and 30s) of Hip Hop pioneers who have been creating a rich field of performances, events, battles, research and programmes deepening and challenging their connection to the culture, whilst building on the learning from previous generations and recognising the social responsibility that we have in 2020. It is within this context that the Hip Hop Dance Almanac was created.